Workshop Brochure 2022 onwards

This page previews the new workshop brochure from this year onwards. As usual there are practical workshops, mostly techniques based, but some a mini projects if that's what you're after.
New! from this year ..... is a small collection of talks, but please contact me for details as they may have restricted availabilty. A much more detailed description is in the new brochure.      All contact details are in the brochure.
For a copy of the brochure, please download from the link at the bottom of this page.

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    Renaissance Reworked…. in stitch & textiles

    Renaissance Reworked…. in stitch & textiles

    The renaissance renowned for sumptuously embellished velvet and other dimensional surfaces provides endless scope for the imagination and to rework those ideas in stitch and print. This workshop will examine some of these pieces and develop a resource of techniques using velvet as base fabric, metallic stitch (both hand and machine) and simple printing techniques in conjunction with metallic printing inks.


    Using low tech techniques and simple free machine
    embroidery to create outline letterforms

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    • Stitch Feb Mar 2018
       Mixed Media Drawing for textiles 
      New for Old
      New for Old

      New for Old

      Recycling &repurposing fabric by taking new look at established techniques of print with applique. Simple skills with a dramatic effect

      image copyright Prj Alalbama

      Collagraph I Textures - Patchwork on Paper

      ‘Shadows’ of fabric and stitching as well as creating stitching into paper
      and exploring a delicate collagraph technique.
      This workshop is project based - printing or working toward
      a composite image in a patchwork pattern.
      NB There is no fabric in the illustrations (right)!!

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         Mixed Media Drawing for textiles 
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          Over and over

          Over and Over

          Using simple print techniques overprinted onto found (or other) images.
          We will look at different images for different techniques,
          be it fabric or paper print.

          Sherbet Silks & Muslins

          This workshop will introduce you to the use and
          application of Hot Water Acid Dyes,
          the simplest of all dyes to use, not just on silk either!!

                                                   Sherbet  Silks & Muslins
          Sherbet Silks & Muslins
          Distresing with Lutradur
          Distresing with Lutradur

          Distressing Effects with Lutradur - a vanishing act!

           Explore the surface and structure of Lutradur in many different weights looking at colouring and heat distressing techniques.

          Making & using paper for stitch & textiles

          Paper can be made in a very easy, low tech way using simple equipment. This workshop will enable you to produce small pieces of coloured, hand dyed paper, including additives and inclusions as well as looking at creating dimensional techniques.

           Making Paper for Stitch
          Making Paper for Stitch
          Drawing for Textiles
          Drawing for Textiles

          Mixed Media Drawing for textiles

           Mixed Media is what it says on the tin, mixing different mediums in a non-traditional or unexpected way introducing you to many different drawing techniques that will create textural and colour effects. 

          Bondaweb is Back!!

          Using Bondawewb as a specific ingrdient in your work.
          Colouring & Dyeing techniques applied directly to Bondaweb,
          & applied directly to any fabric - even velvets & other textures.

          • Bondaweb on velvet
          • dyed bondaweb on velvet
            Bondaweb is back
            Medieval Impressions
            Medieval Impressions

            Medieval Impressions

            Lutradur is a spunbonded polyester fabric when heated with a heat gun will dissolve rather than melt into the most beautiful cobweb effect, and when used in conjunction with a wet medium such as acrylic paint or three dimension medium as a mask

            InSpired By Architecture

            Creating textured sufaces with synthetic fibres and colour.
            ...And a craft soldering iron.

            Inpired by Architecture
            Inpired by Architecture

            ................................................ TALKS

            TALKS are new to the workshop list for 2022. 
            Please enquire about availablility & special conditions. 
            -incl in downloadble brochure

            Medieval Impressions
            Medieval Impressions


            Travelling Threads
            This talk takes a look at the development and innovation of threads for both hand and machine embroidery. One of the main influencers of this was J.P.Coats in Scotland, who set up the Needlework Development Scheme 

            It also looks at the Involvement of womens organisations such as Women's Institute and how significant collections of small scale embroidery collected from across Europe is now held in archives across the UK.



            Constance & Friends

            This talk looks at the history of probably the most influential figure of 20th century embroidery - along with others who you may not be so familiar with - but agruably, just as i nfluential
            Lilian Dring, Dorothy Allsop, Rebecca Crompton, Grace Elizabeth Thompson and Margaret Nicholson. They influenced and guided the development of  Embroidery as a credible subject for study (education system) and their influence on techniques, development & trends within the craft.

            *This talk also available as a practical workshop of multiple days
            – free machine embroidery or figurative work- please enquire

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              Inpired by Architecture
              Mid Century Textiles
              Mid Century Textiles


              Mid-Century Textiles
              This talk traces the influence of the Fiber Art Movement started mainly in west coast USA late 50s- early 60s, and led to the traction of art work using fibre (fiber) as a medium being exhibited in art galleries and museums of national recognition.
              Many of the artists are not household names, but will include Sheila Hicks (left) and many of her contemporaries, just as influential. It will also look at the dilema that entrapped female artists, using fibre as a medium for art.