Heat Distressable Fabrics

nappy liner 40 gsm
A heavier weight of the original nappy liner
nappy liner 20 gsm
The original heat distressable nappy liner
Shaping Felt
New to the market, felt that you can shape with very hot water
Zeelon - the newest heat distressable
Zeelon is the newest heat distressable, but so much more than that.3 different weights now available from
Crystal Spunbonded fabric
Same construction to Lutradur and is 100% polyester so will behave like Lutradur for all distressing techniques - however has a slight 'twinkle' on the surface as it catches the light. 70gsm
lutradur 70gsm
The 'original' Lutradur £4.99 per metre
lutradur 30gsm white only
Heat distressable spun bonded 100% polyester
Tyvek 'fabric'
Spunbonded heat distressable polyester
kunin - rainbow classic felt
Polyester felt
PrintAbility is one of the best print products especially for inkjet printing onto non porous fabric such as Lutradur. Also for use as a creative print medium.
Evolon, the latest heat distressable fabric from Freudenberg
Evolon  Soft
Heat Distressable Tissue Paper
100% Polyester tissue paper, which melts and shrinks.